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Don't Leave Your Estate to Fate

If you own anything or have children, you need a will. A will gives you the peace of mind of knowing who your estate will go to, who will take care of your kids, and how your kids inheritance will be taken care of, should something happen to you. Not having a will can result in a lot of fighting over your estate and especially your children by your loving relatives. Do yourself and your relatives a favor, contact The Griffin Firm about getting your will done.

Large Estates

This is probably the most important information on this site, currently the tax exemptions for estate taxes are unlimited. This means that no matter how big your estate, you will owe $0 in taxes on that estate if you die this year. This is due to legislation passed by congress during the last Bush administration. However, this legislation had a sunset provision that makes it expire this year. If the congress does not act to make this exemption permanent or extend the deadline, then the entire legislation will expire and the tax exemption will go back to $1 million. What does this mean? This means that for every dollar of your estate over $1 million, your estate will have to pay a percentage in taxes to the federal government. By estate we mean your entire estate, house, property, real estate, investments insurance paid to your estate, everything. Through proper estate planning you can avoid these taxes. Please contact The Griffin Firm to find out more.


(817) 741-5323


If you have recently completed a divorce, you should definitely get a new will, especially if you had one while you were married. The last thing you want is to have something happen to you and everything you own goes to your former spouse because you never changed your will. Please contact The Griffin Firm to have your will updated as soon as you divorce is over.

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