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Protecting Your Property

Thinking about getting married, but worried about losing your personal estate if things don't work out? Or maybe you have been through a divorce and remember what a headache dividing the property was like? If these or other similar questions are running through your head, then you should think about getting a prenuptial agreement. The money you spend could save you thousand if not hundreds of thousands down the road. A prenuptial agreement not only protects what you have now, but what you may obtain during the marriage.

Wade L. Griffin, Jr. has advised a multitude of people thinking about getting married, but concerned about their property rights. Not only can they create an airtight prenuptial agreement for you, they will also advise you on how to keep your separate property separate during the marriage, so you avoid litigation problems down the road.

Does a Prenuptial Agreement Mean We Don't Love Each Other?

Nobody gets married thinking they will someday get divorced. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that half of all first time marriages end in divorce. That percentage goes higher with second time marriages, and higher still the more marriages you have. Protecting your assets now and in the future makes good financial sense. Furthermore, it cuts down on the cost of litigation should you end up in divorce and, it can cut down on fights over money. When each party knows what is their's and what is the other spouse's, squabbles over what they should spend "their" money becomes moot.

Don't risk you current assets or your future assets and earnings. Contact The Griffin Firm and speak to an attorney about the benefits of a prenuptial agreement before you say, "I do."


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