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Child Custody

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Child Custody and Paternity Suits

Whether it's a custody dispute in a divorce case or child born out of wedlock, a
custody fight over children can be one of the most heart wrenching experiences
of your life. Too often parents get so wrapped up in "winning" that
they forget how they are affecting their children. Wade L. Griffin, Jr. takes
pride in keeping his client's focused on the well-being of their children and
taking steps to insulate children from the fight going on in the courtroom.

Paternity Suits

Whether it’s a parent wanting to establish someone as a parent, or the other parent
trying to establish you as a parent, The Griffin Firm is here to help. Recent
changes in the law have completely altered the means by which a person can be
established as a parent. Certain time limitations can prevent a person from
establishing someone as a father of a child. The right to a DNA test has been
restricted in certain situations. It has never been more important to have an
attorney that can advise you on the current laws regarding establishing someone
as a parent or denying that someone is a parent. Wade L. Griffin, Jr. has the
experience and stays up to date with all changes in family law. Before you head
off to court in a paternity action by yourself, contact The Griffin Firm. Don't
get down the road years from now and realize you made a mistake.


Fighting over custody in a divorce case or otherwise, can be the most difficult thing
for a parent, but is nothing compared to what the child is going through.  Whether it’s fighting form primary custody or trying to maximize your visitation time with your children, you need to consult with our firm. Recent changes in the law have seen greater rights in visitation, and more focus on what is truly in the best interest of the child. The old one size fits all standard visitation schedule is being used less and less. Customized visitation schedules, which work better for the parents and the children are becoming the new standard.  We at The Griffin Firm are dedicated to serving your needs and the needs of your children.